Our Work

China lawyers expert in cross border transactions

Liuming International is a team of China lawyers. We provide China knowledge and legal expertise to our clients and almost everything that we do has a cross border element.

We have many years of experience as China lawyers and we use this hard won experience to help our clients with their China projects. As experienced China lawyers we really understand China’s legal and business environment and this allows our clients to concentrate on succeeding in their China business, leaving the regulatory issues to us.  In our work as China lawyers we travel when necessary and have worked on projects in many different parts of China.

We are confident about what we do, and how we do it, so we give this 6 point guarantee to each of our clients.

Of course, we cannot guarantee outcomes but we do guarantee satisfaction with our services.

  1. We will work to meet or exceed your expectations of us.
  2. You will receive high quality and cost effective legal services.
  3. You will have direct access to the principal responsible for your work.  In the unlikely event of his/her absence you will promptly be informed of alternative contacts. There will always be someone available that is familiar with your work.
  4. Our communications with you will be prompt and responsive.
  5. You will be kept informed of and involved in the conduct of your work.
  6. We will always meet agreed deadlines.

Our clients know that we take this seriously and they are encouraged to make contact immediately if they feel that we are falling short on our commitment.

The Liuming International team’s real expertise as China lawyers is concentrated in four separate but closely related areas:

China Corporate and Compliance

Transactions for investment and M&A, Intellectual Property and contracts, need to be supported with on the ground experience in tax, employment, anti-trust, anti corruption, good governance and overall compliance if they are to be effective. This is our corporate and compliance responsibility. Managing these issues well leaves the transaction team free to concentrate on implementing the commercial transaction, confident that it it complies with China’s and home country requirements.

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China Contracts

China is the manufacturing centre for the world and contracts in various forms are the tools that make it all happen. Real understanding of how things are done in China, and where things could go wrong, is necessary if transactions are to deliver the promised result. The Liuming International team is well known for its expertise in contracts of all types, particularly those involving large sums and the delivery of complex equipment to meet a critical schedule.

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China Intellectual Property Rights

Every China transaction has an intellectual property element and it is very important that the strategy for this is part of the basic structure. Very often the first step in the transaction is IP related so that all relevant protection is put in place to provide a sound foundation for the overall transaction.

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China Investment and M&A

Investment and M&A continues to be a substantial area of commerce in China. Strategy is all important, but structuring the transaction to comply with China’s regulatory regime and maximising commercial benefits is also crucial to success in China. Effective negotiation skills ensure that commercial benefits are not lost in that part of the deal process.

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